Stark Energy


We Are Stark Energy

We have the perfect team that can assist you execute your projects with speed and efficiency, with innovation at the heart of it all.

Who We Are

STARK ENERGY LIMITED is an innovative company made up of a team of highly experienced multi-discipline engineers focused on providing tailor-made engineering solutions with safety as our hallmark.

We are the country representative for MANNTEK – Sweden, ELAFLEX – Germany, HCP – Dubai, MARIFLEX – Netherland, PARLYM – France, DEC – Belgium and EM&I – Global in Ghana.

The creation of Stark Energy

The creation of Stark Energy stems from the demand for professional business and engineering services in the area of technical design, HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) as well as advanced solutions in the oil and gas industry. Also, Ghanaian-owned and foreign industries are constantly seeking assistance to meet the permitting requirement of most regulatory bodies and we strive to aid them meet the criteria for the issuance of such permits and licenses.

What We Do

We provide bespoke engineering solutions for our clients through a systematic approach and thorough examination of our clients operations, facilities and technologies. Based on our extensive knowledge coupled with skilled expertise in governance and policy evaluation, process engineering, energy management, health and safety, oil and gas services among others, we deliver the optimal and innovative solutions to ensure that the best practices are incorporated into their operations.

How We Do It

Our team of experts are well-versed in the provision of technical services for oil and gas processing plants, thus we employ unique approach in the delivery of engineering solutions which emphasizes our ability to expressly and efficiently meet the needs of our clients.