Stark Energy

Mobile Hydrotest Equipment for Hoses

Stark Energy Limited has ventured into mobile hydrotesting, inspection and subsequent certification of hoses. We have been certified by the Factories Inspectorate to carry out hydrostatic tests on hoses.

The test will involve subjecting a hose to pre-specified test pressure, during which there will be checks on the hoses to ascertain their integrity. Further, we will conduct an electrical continuity test to ascertain that the hoses can dissipate the required electrostatic charges during it’s usage and also check the electrical bond between the end fittings .

Every tested hose assembly will be identified with a coded sticker label that contains the test date, test pressure, electrical resistance, and the next test date. This information will be captured on a test certificate which will be issued to clients after each test.

Our test will be conducted with a hydraulic test pump assembly (as shown in the pictures), which can generate up to 29 bar test pressure. We can guarantee that if a hose passes our test, it is safe to use for the next six months without any leakage or bulge.

  1. Hose hydrotest

  2. Electrical Continuity test

  3. Hose Sticker Label

  4. Hose Certification

  5. 6 months Guarantee