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Stark Energy Introduces Manntek Dry Gas Couplings to LPG BRV Loading & Discharge to Mitigate Fire Incidents

Stark Energy in collaboration with MANNTEK organized a three-day intensive training session on the repair and maintenance of MANNTEK LPG Dry Gas Couplings. This was aimed at providing technical knowledge in the repair and maintenance of MANNTEK LPG Dry Gas Couplings.

Drawing upon their industry experience and working in close cooperation with MANNTEK-Sweden, Stark Energy has introduced the MANNTEK Dry Gas Couplings. The MANNTEK Dry Gas Couplings allow for the safe and quick connection and disconnection of hoses and loading arms to LPG Bulk Road Vehicles (BRVs) and storage tanks. This allows for transfer operations at Bulk Distribution Terminals to be protected against emergency scenarios in a way that has not been possible.

Following the October 2017 Atomic junction area LPG fire incident which claimed seven (7) lives and the need to prevent another LPG-related incident, National Petroleum Authority (NPA) urged all LPG loading terminals to use MANNTEK Dry Gas Coupling. As a result, Tema Fuel Company, Quantum LPG Terminal, and Matrix LPG Terminal have converted their LPG loading Acme Thread connection to MANNTEK Dry Gas Couplings (DGC).

Tizard Ansah, Safety Officer for the Association of Oil Marketing Companies, commented on the couplings, saying: “I believe that Oil Marketing Companies and Liquefied Petroleum Gas marketers are going to save a lot of money with respect to product losses, and I believe that this is the standard that we have to attain”.

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