Stark Energy

MannTek Dry Gas Couplings to Tema Fuel Company

10th February, 2022

Stark Energy is happy to announce that we have delivered additional MannTek dry gas couplings of 3″ hose unit to Tema Fuel Company for use at their storage and loading terminal at Tema. 

Tema Fuel Company supplies Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL) all her fuel supply needs and requirements at locations where it operates at all times. They also fulfill the fuel supply needs of other Oil Marketing Companies in Ghana. The first trial of the Dry Gas Couplings in Ghana was done at Tema Fuel Company after which they proceeded to change all the couplings at their LPG loading terminals to the use of the #MannTek Dry Gas Coupling. #MannTek Dry Gas Couplings over the years have proved to be a better alternative to the traditional ACME thread. They are easy to use without any additional tools and time saving. They also prevent unwanted product loss to the environment during loading and unloading thereby preventing any incidence of a fire outbreak.

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