Stark Energy

MannTek Dry Aviation Couplings to Blue Ocean Investment Limited

9th May, 2022

Stark Energy is pleased to announce that we have delivered MANNTEK Dry Aviation Coupling hose unit to Blue Ocean Investment Limited for use at their storage and loading terminal. Blue Ocean Investment Limited offers a bulk supply of high-quality refined petroleum products in Ghana, specialising in Gasoil, Gasoline, Aviation Fuel, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas in a safe, reliable, and seamless manner.

The Dry Aviation Couplings are designed for handling aviation fuel and can be found at any point in aviation fuel logistics. They ensure the quick and safe connection of hoses and loading arms to mobile and stationary tanks, tank trucks, and dispenser vehicles. With the MANNTEK Dry Aviation Couplings, there is no spillage during connection and disconnection. They have an easy-to-use design system and they are environmentally friendly.

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