Stark Energy

Hydrotest of Hoses for Annadale Gas Stations

28th February, 2022

Stark Energy Limited is happy to announce that we have tested the LPG hoses at Annadale Gas – Weija and Amasaman branches.

The test involved subjecting the LPG hoses to pre-specified test pressure, during which there were checks on the hoses to determine their integrity. An electrical continuity test was done to ascertain that the LPG hoses dissipate the required electrostatic charges during their usage.

The tested hose assembly was identified with a coded sticker label that contained the test date, test pressure, electrical resistance, and the next test date. This information was also captured on a test certificate that was issued to the clients.

The hoses that passed the test are good to be used for the next 6 months without any leakage or bulges. This helps in mitigating LPG-related fire incidents and also reduces downtime.

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