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Driving Excellence: Stark Energy's Successful Completion of Multi-faceted Electrical, Instrumentation, Fire and Gas Installations at NewGas LPG Cylinder Bottling Plant, Tema

Stark Energy proudly announces the successful completion of an extensive project involving Electrical, Instrumentation, Fire, and Gas installations for NewGas LPG Cylinder Bottling Plant, a subsidiary of Quantum Group, located in Tema. This project spanned from January to November 2023 and entailed diverse range of activities:

• Low Voltage (LV) Switchboard Installation: Ensuring seamless power management with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for uninterrupted operations.

• Power and Control Cables Connection: Meticulously linking cables from the LV Switchboard to various field equipment, ensuring their efficient functionality.

• Critical Equipment Installation: Including pressure gauges, flow switches, emergency shutdown valves, instrument junction boxes, and supports for optimal functionality.

• Fire and Gas (F&G) Devices Setup: Installing an array of safety devices such as flame detectors, gas detectors, heat detectors, smoke detectors, manual call points, beam, and sounders for comprehensive safety coverage.

• Fire and Gas Panel Establishment: Setting up the central control unit for monitoring and managing F&G devices.

• Communication Setup: Ensuring seamless communication between the terminal server and field devices, along with system wiring between different panels for efficient data transmission.

• SCADA & KC SCADA Panel Installation: Introducing critical systems for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, facilitating efficient plant monitoring.

• Calibration and Inspection: Rigorous calibration of field instruments and comprehensive tests were conducted, ensuring accuracy and compliance with industry standards.

This successful project outcome underscores Stark Energy’s unwavering commitment to excellence. A completion certificate was issued by the management of NewGas, affirming Stark Energy’s dedication to delivering superior solutions and setting high standards in the energy sector.

We take pride in surpassing industry benchmarks, delivering tailored solutions that cater to our
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