Stark Energy



We are the country representative and distributor of Faudi, Germany products in Ghana and neighbouring countries. Our range of products include Filter Vessels, Separation Element, etc.

Filter vessels

Extensive portfolio of high-quality vessels for filtration and separation of impurities in fuels. We have Filter/Water Separator, Microfilter, Dirt Defence Filter Vessel and Clay Treater and Sieve Basket Strainer.

Separator Element

Separator elements are used as the second stage of a high-performance separation in filter/water separators. After emergence from the coalescer, diesel fuels pass through the pores of the separator element while water droplets are repelled by the hydrophobic separator surface.

Coalescer Element

Coalescer elements are designed to coalesce free water and to remove fine solids from diesel fuels. Coalescers are deployed at the first stage in a filter/ water separator, when fuel enters the vessel.


Microfilters are used as pre-filters for the efficient and continuous removal of solids such as rust, sand and other particulates from aviation fuels. FAUDI Diesel microfilters are used in refineries, terminals and airport depots, primarily as prefilters to lengthen the service life of downstream coalescer elements in filter/water separators.