Stark Energy

Elaflex Nozzles to Universal Engineering, GPS and Armsco.

2nd December, 2021

Stark Energy Limited is proud to announce that we have delivered our ZVA Nozzles from Elaflex to Universal Engineering, GPS and Armsco and for use at various fuel dispensing stations in Ghana.

Elaflex is a leading international specialist for refuelling equipment and safe connections for the transfer of dangerous goods and sensitive fluids such as petroleum based products and chemicals. All nozzles from Elaflex are robust in design. ZVA nozzles are suitable for all kinds of petrol, biodiesel and diesel dispensers, different types of hoses and most vehicle filler necks. They are easy to maintain and service. A ZVA nozzle will regularly reach a service life of 10 years and more. There is a control latch to allow the operator to regulate flow when filling containers or equipment of smaller capacities.

We remain committed to providing energy solutions for your business.